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For over 20 years I’ve helped people resolve credit and IRS tax problems and have made it my life’s mission. While still in college, I started developing a program for single mothers paralyzed in financial distress. I successfully negotiated with creditors and the IRS and witnessed first-hand the positive impact the results had on families and their peace of mind.

Through experience with hundreds of people revealing their most personal financial secrets, I wrote and published a book, Credit Crisis, A Step-by-Step Survival Guide. The book addresses problems repeatedly expressed and provides proven solutions. It is written in an easy-to-understand format for readers already overwhelmed.

I sidelined consumer finance as full-time work during the Internet boom and joined the emerging field of user experience design (UX). I was privileged to work with amazing people, teams and projects during my years in UX. The work fit my need to figure things out and use common sense design to solve problems for users. While working in UX, I continued providing services part-time for credit and IRS tax problems.

It became obvious that although I enjoy UX work, my heart is in making a difference at a personal level. Financial literacy impacts every person, family and generation. This heart tug focused me back to my mission: helping with creditor and IRS problems for financial peace of mind. The most urgent need seems to be with IRS help, so I dedicated my business to solving IRS problems. Frankly, some of the most common, costly and devastating mistakes are made by taxpayers representing themselves.

Those who have worked with me get relief from their IRS problems and the daily stress they bring. A client’s peace of mind is my biggest reward and having such a positive impact on people, families and generations motivates me to do and be my best each day.

Team member and tax attorney Brian Michaels is a member of both the Arizona and Minnesota Bars and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Mr. Michaels is a recognized expert in tax related issues. He has presented numerous seminars over the past 20 years on tax and settlement related topics to attorneys, CPAs and related professionals.

We specialize in issues relating to unfiled tax returns, unpaid taxes, delinquent tax returns, wage garnishments, liens, levies, IRS payment plans, collection appeals, innocent spouse, foreign bank account reporting, audit representation, and any other type of tax controversy. Please call 480-502-9333 for help.

Since I also created a program for addiction counselors to use with addicts and it was used by Grant Hospital’s (Chicago, IL), addiction counselors in the mid-1990s. It was a 10 part program counselors could incorporate into their counseling sessions. About 10 mins out of the 50. A high percentage of people with chronic debt problems are addicts.

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You see, these ‘closers’ have run their numbers, and they know that certain IRS problems can net them big fees. Sure, they’ll quote you a smaller fee during the so-called “financial analysis” in the beginning stages of the process – but they also know that there are lots of different ways that they can tack on additional fees during the process so that no matter what, they will get paid.

My team and I would like to invite you into a different kind of process.

Mind you – we are BULLDOGS when it comes to negotiating on behalf of our clients in front of the IRS. We have plenty of stories to prove it.

But what I’d FIRST like to do is to invite you to read my free report, that I’ve specially prepared for LOCAL [Phoenix] individuals (which just so happens to be just as pertinent for someone who doesn’t happen to live in the area). I’m confident that after reading this report, that you will ignore ALL the calls from the national sales sharks who are circling the waters and coming after you.

We want to fight for you – and we will care for you like a person along the way.


Jennifer Michaels, Tax Professional

Click the button on below to request your free report, and we’ll rush your copy to you immediately. Feel free to poke around our site and discover why I’ve been called “The Most Trusted Tax Professional in the Phoenix Area.”

PS — If you are discussing your tax situation over the telephone with other firms, be sure to ask them one important question:

“Are you a licensed tax professional that is legally eligible to offer me tax advice, or are you a salesman?”

This is by far the single most important question you should ask anybody trying to offer you tax advice. If they are a salesperson, I highly encourage you to run quickly in the opposite direction.

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PPS–Already ready to come in? I don’t blame you…many folks are fed up with the other options out there. Our schedule is very full…but if you call us at (480) 502-9333 or Email Us, we’ll give you two options for coming in right away! We will NOT make dealing with a tax professional as painful as it’s been in the past!

Credit Crisis

A Step by Step Survival Guide

michaelsbookcoverIn the 1990s, faced with $5,000 in student loans, a couple thousand dollars of credit card debt, and a low paying job, I barely kept up. Monthly debt payments, college loan, car payment and living expenses took every penny. Like many people, I had the uneasy feeling that I was sinking in a financial whirlpool without a life vest. I researched options about debt repayment and money management. What I learned changed my thinking — and actions — about credit forever. I was amazed to find that while credit problems were routinely and abundantly reported by the media, virtually nothing was written to offer real-life solutions. Alarming as it was, that lack of information was not surprising. The media is, unfortunately, characteristic of an American system that seems to place little value upon formal training in everyday money management. Financial literacy is part of in school curriculum. Unless raised in a home where effective money management skills are taught and valued, the average American’s spending practices are easily controlled by peer pressure and advertising. The direct result for so many of us, is financial trouble.

Through research and self-study, I learned how to negotiate payment plans with creditors, track spending and create a simple budget. The result was basic awareness that empowered me to take needed steps. I added a part-time job temporarily to help with monthly payments. My debt was not large but it was crushing on a daily basis because I felt out of control and shame for being in debt in the first place (“How did I not know how to handle this?”). The debt I carried created the same feelings of panic and distress as anyone who has debt or a credit problem — regardless of the amount. Even though I still owed money, after implementing my plan, I felt complete relief and peace. There was absolutely an end in sight.

I continued to study money management at the most basic level through free resources. I gained confidence and shared what I learned when the topic arose. Shockingly, I discovered many people were in some sort of financial turmoil and had no idea they could change it or become debt free. A disturbing discovery was that people had routinely given up. Most troubling were single mothers — especially those unable to collect child support from dead-beat dads. They were viciously harassed by debt collectors and often the items charged on credit were things like school supplies for their children.

Most people find themselves in a credit crisis when coping with difficult life situations like divorce or unemployment. It’s when these difficult times become so consuming that finances are neglected. By the time the credit crisis is recognized, an individual can be so crippled by personal emotion that the thought of dealing with creditors is overwhelming. What they need — and quickly — is clear, concise information on what to do; but while excellent books on credit are available, their often academic and theoretical approach does not fill that need.

This book aims to fill that need by providing a method for resolving or heading off a credit crisis by addressing two critical factors: time and simplicity. Once your credit crisis is under control, you will be able to take the time to study other information on consumer credit and personal finance, and learn how to develop healthy financial habits.

Each person’s credit crisis is different. Although they are each unique, for those who take action the end result is the same. With the very first step of acknowledging the problem and taking responsibility for resolving the situation, comes a feeling of pride and accomplishment that grows as you move out of crisis and gain control of your financial future through small steps. There is no doubt that you have the ability to control your financial course, and the rewards for doing so are great. It is my hope that you will use this book as a tool and an important first step as you move out of credit crisis and into financial control and success. I did it and you can do it too. So—let’s get going.

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